Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging

Wow that was a journey, who knew packaging would pose so many problems. We have finally settled on Kraft paper stand up pouches with a window, made from renewable materials and fully biodegradable within 10 weeks and GMO (genetically modified organisms) free

In the beginning we looked at cylinders and boxes but the shipping costs were crazy, not only to you the customer but just to get them here. Then we looked at all the different plastics and they were reusable which is OK but how many of us have thought that’s great with all the good intentions of re-using but now its in the bin, off to the landfill where it will stay forever.

We then looked at a brilliant product made from natural sources but it would need a box around it and labels or printing and increase the cost of delivery to you the customer. Another problem was that if we used this then even though it was all biodegradable we would have just doubled the waste, a great alternative that looked nice but the extra waste didn’t sit well with me.

We are hoping that as the movement towards much more sustainable and Eco friendly packaging evolves¬† we will as well but for now I feel happier with our choice, it keeps the tea fresh, its resealable and also reusable but if it does end up somewhere it shouldn’t, hopefully,¬† it will biodegrade in 10 weeks.

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